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How artificial intelligence drives PPC automation

From the 1970s through today, there have been three waves of technology innovation in the Silicon Valley that have spawned many industries, including ours (online marketing). First, there were semiconductors, then personal computers, and most recently, the internet. Now we’re on the cusp of the next wave of innovation, driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI). [Read more…]

How to Tell Captivating Stories that Engage Your Audience

We communicate best through stories. Ever since humans could communicate verbally, we’ve been telling stories. They shape our history, teach us lessons, and help us to relate to each other in unique ways. If you can infuse your webinar with a story or two, you can build trust with your attendees, capture their attention, and [Read more…]

How to Promote Your Webinar on Instagram

Want to get more webinar attendees and registrants? If so, you must promote your webinar through multiple platforms. That way, you constantly get in front of your current audience. What’s more, you reach new audiences as well. We’ve already talked about 4 keys to promoting your webinar on social media (we suggest giving that a [Read more…]

How to Cloak Affiliate Links (& Why You Should)

I always run my affiliate links through redirects – also referred to as cloaking affiliate links – for several reasons: Running them through my redirects means I have a click count to match up to the one the merchant is reporting. Affiliate links are usually ugly and impossible to remember without doing a copy/paste. Redirects [Read more…]

5 Secrets to Writing an Excellent Real Estate Blog

If you’re in real estate, you can’t underestimate the value of online marketing and blogging. Through your blog, you can build links, share valuable information about a specific region, highlight houses, discuss the market, and bring up a number of other subjects that buyers and sellers will love. Once you’ve written your content, it can [Read more…]

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