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Social media optimization with Yoast SEO

Our Yoast SEO plugin handles optimization of your WordPress site for search engines and we dare say it does that pretty well. Most of that is technical optimization, like our XML sitemap functionality, as well as aids in content optimization, like your content and readability analysis. But there’s more to SEO than that. You need links pointing to [Read more…]

Organic Search Party: Our Top SEO Columns of 2016

Each year brings a plethora of changes to search engine optimization, and 2016 was no different. From the rollout of Accelerated Mobile Pages to the long-awaited real-time Penguin update, the SEO world had a lot of exciting news to digest this year. With the help of our All Things SEO and Link Week columnists, readers [Read more…]

How to Crack Google Search Optimization for Your Unique Niche

Search engine optimization sounds great on paper, but when put into practice, it’s a bit tougher. Marketing in your specific niche can be slow and painful, especially if you’re just starting from scratch with a new website. Although it may feel like every keyword already has hundreds of thousands of competitive results, you can still [Read more…]

7 things business owners fear (but shouldn’t) about SEO

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the many aspects of digital marketing that can seem like a foreign concept to a lot of business owners. For that reason, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. However, upon closer examination, there is really no good reason to avoid incorporating SEO into your marketing [Read more…]

SEO trends to prepare for in 2017

Search engine optimization is evolving at lightning speed. As 2016 begins to wind down, it is time to examine the digital marketing landscape for the upcoming year. There have been numerous developments in SEO over the past 10 months. A lot of the prominent trends of 2016 will continue and grow in 2017. As Google’s [Read more…]

5 Joomla Tips To Improve Your SEO

By Guest Author Search engine optimization is has become so prevalent that it can’t be considered a matter of choice anymore. With the number of websites indexed by search giants rapidly growing, the competition to have your website at the top of the search results has grown fiercer. Bringing in traffic, specifically, unique [Read more…]

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