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What Are Social Meta Tags? How to Control How Your Content Looks in Social Media Shares

Have you ever pasted a link into Facebook or Twitter to find that the associated image has nothing to do with the content of that page, or that the post description reads like an SEO Mad Lib? You think twice about sharing it, don’t you? There’s a way for marketers to control the experience their content [Read more…]

Why Webinars? 4 Reasons to Commit to Webinars in 2017

If you’re not fully taking advantage of webinars to grow your business, we have one question for you… What are you waiting for? Why webinars? Webinars are a proven way to create new revenue streams, get qualified leads, build more trust, and better understand your audience. And all of these are even more important in [Read more…]

How artificial intelligence drives PPC automation

From the 1970s through today, there have been three waves of technology innovation in the Silicon Valley that have spawned many industries, including ours (online marketing). First, there were semiconductors, then personal computers, and most recently, the internet. Now we’re on the cusp of the next wave of innovation, driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI). [Read more…]

Ask Yoast: AMP for small business owners

You may have heard the term “AMP” very often lately. In 2015, Google pushed out this new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages, in short AMP. AMP aims to make pages load instantly on mobile and, thereby, drastically improve the performance of the mobile web. You might wonder if you should get started with it too. Because, as [Read more…]

A Data-Driven Method for Finding Out Whether Your Content Sucks

Sometimes, you have to show some tough love. You’ve got to be brutally honest. Because I value you (yes, you!) as a reader, I don’t want to lie to you or sugarcoat things for you. You deserve better. I want to give you the best advice possible so you can go out there and succeed. [Read more…]

What to Do When Your Blogging Profits Appear to Drop

I have seen lean times. I have seen green times (USD-wise). I know struggle. I know success. Being on both sides of the blogging fence I reckon I know a thing or 2 about what to do when your blogging profits appear to drop. I explicitly included an image of myself blogging at the apartment [Read more…]

Finding Their Way: 4 Tips To Guide Readers Through Your Blog

Readers have found your blog – but now what? Although they’ve made it to your site, if your webpage isn’t well marked, offering the equivalent of posted house number signs, letting them know where to go to find your best content. Without clear markings and a solid navigational or wayfinding system, you’re doing your site [Read more…]

Monetizing your SEO expertise

I have a theory: the best SEO practitioners in the world are not consultants helping their clients get rich. Rather, they are their own clients. Or, if they do have clients, they’ve figured out a way to have them on a performance pricing model in order to share in the client’s upside. How are these [Read more…]

What Campaigns Can You Run Whitehat?

Affiliate Marketing: What Campaigns Can You Run Whitehat? Affiliate marketers don’t have the best reputations out there. We’re known for using ads and strategies that are ultra aggressive, and even borderline uncompliant. It’s hilarious when I go on Reddit and people make fun of affiliate ads with “Doctors Hate Her”, and “This 1 Weird Trick.” I [Read more…]

How to Craft an Effective Webinar Invite Email

It’s nearly time to host your webinar… The registrants have signed up, you’ve created some amazing webinar slides, conducted a webinar dry run, and now you’re ready to go. There’s just one more thing you have left to do: craft an effective webinar-invite email. What we’re referring to is the email you send to registrants [Read more…]

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