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Chrome’s DevTools for SEO: 10 ways to use these browser features for your SEO audits

Although many of us in the industry pay hundreds or even thousands for SEO software that helps to automate and simplify our everyday work, we already have one of the most handy free SEO tool sets in the market with Google Chrome’s DevTools. Built into Google Chrome, this set of web authoring and debugging tools allows us to validate some [Read more…]

What you should look for in a SEO solution

With hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of pages, sites, and keywords to manage and optimize, SEO has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Using an SEO software platform can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the time and errors involved in managing organic search campaign. Marketing Land’s “Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” [Read more…]

How To Make Money Blogging Step By Step

PLEASE SHARE What if I could show you how to make money blogging? Even if your site gets less than 500 visits per day. You’d probably say I was selling snake oil. Or, that I had some dodgy product for $200. But I’m not. I remember what it was like to start a blog [Read more…]

How To Build Killer Landing Pages with Software (Even If You Can’t Code)

Landing Pages: How To Build Killer Landing Pages with Software (Even If You Can’t Code) Some affiliate marketers know how to code. Others don’t know the first thing about HTML or CSS and rely on landing page software. And here’s the thing: you really should learn how to code. I’m not the best programmer, but [Read more…]

The Future of Online Reviews: Weekly Forum Update

We took a little break for the holidays, but now we’re back! Even though haven’t written a post in a few weeks, our forums didn’t take a break at all. In fact, if anything, they’ve been a bit busier discussing some of the latest news. This week’s title refers to the (perceived) growing power of [Read more…]

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