How to Promote Your Webinar on Instagram

Promoting your webinar on Instagram

Want to get more webinar attendees and registrants?

If so, you must promote your webinar through multiple platforms.

That way, you constantly get in front of your current audience. What’s more, you reach new audiences as well.

We’ve already talked about 4 keys to promoting your webinar on social media (we suggest giving that a read as well), but this time we’ll hone in and focus specifically on promoting a webinar on Instagram.

Let’s get right into it…

Get the Basics Down

We go in-depth on the social media basics in the blog post we linked to above. But here’s a quick rundown of what your Instagram posts should include:

Compelling, optimized image. For Instagram, the size should be 640 X 640 pixels.

Compelling caption. If you’re asking people to sign up for your webinar, your caption should answer 1) what the webinar is about, 2) the main benefit, and 3) what your audience needs to do next to sign up (i.e. your call to action).

A webinar hashtag. You should use this hashtag every time you discuss your webinar on social media.

Build Anticipation by Digging Into the Problem

Usually before they buy, your audience must feel like you understand their problem.

So, in the days and weeks leading up to your webinar announcement, you can dig into the problem that your webinar will help solve.

For example, if your webinar will be about how to write a best-selling Amazon book, you might post a picture and caption like this:

Instagram Post for a Webinar
“Do you want to write a book, but are scared no one will buy it? This very thought prevents thousands of would-be successful authors from publishing a book. Stay tuned – in the coming weeks, I’m going to reveal some of my best strategies self-publishing wildly successful books on Amazon!”

The Webinar Announcement

You’ve built some anticipation – now it’s time to announce the webinar.

This Instagram post should include all of the basics we mentioned earlier, along with a call to action to click the link in your bio to sign up for the webinar.

You can also consider using the same basics to turn your webinar announcement into an Instagram ad. To do that, you can follow the same steps we outline in this post on creating high-converting Facebook ads.

(It’s the same process, except you check “Instagram” under the ad placement section.)

Instagram Story Announcement

Along with a post, you should also announce the webinar on your Instagram Story. Instagram stories are powerful for business – they allow you to speak straight to your audience.

In your announcement, be sure to show some personality, lay out the benefits of attending the webinar, let your audience know any other important details, and give them a call to action to sign up by clicking on the link in your bio.


Instagram is one of the strongest social media platforms – and it’s highly underutilized for webinar promotion.

Use these tips to take advantage of Instagram and promote your next webinar – if you do it right, you should see a nice uptick in attendees and registrants!

Do you have any other tips for Instagram promotion? Let us know in the comments below!

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