How to Find Public Speaking Opportunities

public speaking opportunities

Public speaking skills are key for hosting great webinars – and we’ve talked a lot about how to develop these skills.

But public speaking skills aren’t just key for hosting webinars…

They’re also key for, well, public speaking! So, since you’re probably already developing your public speaking skills, you might as well put them to good use with some public speaking opportunities.

Public speaking can get you more exposure, elevate your business, help you get clients, and a lot more. Plus, it can pay pretty well too.

But part of the reason most people never try their hand at public speaking is because they don’t know how to find the right opportunities…

(The other reason is because they’re terrified of public speaking!)

So, how do you find public speaking opportunities? That’s what we’ll talk about today!

1. Practice Your Craft

The more you put yourself out there and get public speaking opportunities, the easier it will be to land more public speaking gigs. That is, if you prove yourself as a good public speaker.

And the only way to do that is through constant practice and learning. If this is something you really want to do, you need to put in the work.

That means reading the right books, watching other talented public speakers, learning from other types of content (like these movies), and actually speaking in front of crowds.

2. Start Local

Are there local opportunities to speak to people – possibly for free? Think about your local Chamber of Commerce, your library, and other local institutions that that have a perceptive audience.

Not only is this a great way to practice, but you can use the experience to sell yourself and piggyback to bigger opportunities.

3. Determine Which Types of Conferences You’d Like to Speak At

What are you dream events to speak at? On the other end of the spectrum, what are some of the smaller events you can land a speaking gig at right now?

If you help businesses with SEO, perhaps your ideal speaking gig would be at some sort of content conference. If you’re run a service that helps dentists get more clients, your ideal event might be a conference involving dentists.

With your event type in mind, search through a website like Lanyrd to find events near you.

4. Connect With Other Speakers in Your Industry

What speakers stand out in your industry? These are the people you should connect with.

Through these connections, you can learn how to find public speaking gigs within your industry, potentially get referrals, and learn which organizations you should pitch your public speaking to

You can start by reaching out to the on LinkedIn.

What’s more, you can find their websites and search through their LinkedIn profiles to discover where they’ve spoken (even if you’re not able to connect with them).

5. Build Your Speaking Value

When pitching your public speaking, it helps to have proof that you have good public speaking skills. In doing so, you’ll build your value and give yourself a better opportunity to land gigs.

How do you do this?

There are 3 main elements:

1) Have a website. Your website will help generate buzz and make you seem legitimate. Take a look at these 10 great speaker websites for some ideas on the design and content of your website.

2) Have a promo video. This video will prove your skills and help people understand your value as a speaker. If you haven’t had any gigs yet, you can get footage of yourself speaking at a small meeting, or at the very least, you can just take a video of you speaking to an empty room (just don’t pan out to the ‘audience’).

3) Testimonials. Testimonials also build up your value. If you haven’t spoken anywhere yet, you won’t be able to get testimonials. But if you have, reach out and ask!

6. Nail Your Pitch

In order to get public speaking gigs, you need to reach out and pitch people. So, you need to make sure you know how to pitch yourself as a public speaker!

Here’s how you can nail your pitch:

  • Include the 3 main elements we just mentioned (website, video, and testimonials)
  • Provide unique topics. The key is to be interesting and compelling. “How to start a blog” is a bit boring and basic, but “How to grow your blog to 100,000 visitors a month in less than 60 days” is much more compelling.
  • Go the extra mile. Don’t just submit your pitch on a submission form. Try to track down the best person to reach out to. You may be able to find this person through LinkedIn or through the company’s website.


Public speaking can be a game changer for your business. Keep building up your public speaking skills, and use these strategies to find public speaking opportunities.

Have you done any public speaking before? How did you find the opportunity, and how did it turn out? Let us know in the comments below!

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