How to Create a High-Converting Facebook Ad to Promote Your Webinar

Effective Webinar Facebook Ads

Do you have trouble collecting new leads for your webinars?

Well, Facebook ads may be the answer…

With a well thought out Facebook ad, you can build buzz around your webinar, boost registrations, and end up with greater attendance.

The catch? Not every Facebook ad converts – and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll likely waste your money with no conversions to show for it.

With this in mind, we’re going to give you a quick guide on how to create a high-converting Facebook ad for your webinar…

Target the Right Audience

Your ad is only as good as your targeting. The best ad in the world won’t be effective if it’s seen by the wrong people.

So, how do you select the right audience to target? There are entire posts on the art of Facebook targeting – including look-a-like audiences (people who resemble your existing list of customers/subscribers), retargeted audiences, etc. but for now here is a basic place to start:

  1. Scroll to “Detailed Targeting” in your Facebook ad creation screen
  2. Select 10-20 of the most relevant interests or groups you can find (aim for Facebook groups that are in the mid-range in terms of popularity – not in the millions, because this will be too broad) related to your niche.
  3. Omit any demographic (gender, age group, location, etc.) you don’t want to be included
  4. You can also consider segmenting by job title, buying habits, net worth, family composition, and more. Think about your topic and who is most likely to be captivated by it.

Initially, aim for an audience size of less than a million, and even less than 500k if possible. The more niche, the better.

Use the Right Type of Picture (or Video)

First off, your image should fit the right dimensions for Facebook – that means it should have these dimensions: 1200 X 628 pixels.

So, make sure your image fits those dimensions so it displays best.

In terms of the actual image, keep in mind that it will display against the white background of the Facebook News Feed. So, you might want to shy away from using a white background, because it will blend in.

The image itself should be high quality- perhaps one of you and/or your webinar guest presenter.

Within the image, consider adding the title of your webinar in a way that stands out. If text takes up more than 20% of the ad, Facebook will reject it… so use text sparingly and focus on attention grabbing images.

Compelling Copy

Great copy is a necessary ingredient for any ad on any platform.

Above the image, your copy should state:

  • The main benefit of attending the webinar
  • The specifics in terms of time/place
  • A call to action to register for the webinar
  • The registration link

Below the image, your copy should have an additional call to action to sign up for the webinar.

For example, “Click here to reserve your free spot now,” along with a “Sign up” button.

Multiple Versions

Facebook allows you to test different versions of your ad against each other, so that you ultimately display the one(s) that convert best. Test different images, different headline copy, etc.

Do Your Research

You should keep an eye out for Facebook ads targeted to you – especially those about webinars.

Let’s look at this ad for example:

Promoting your webinar with Facebook ads

It has all the things you want in a compelling Facebook ad:

  •      Compelling copy
  •      Strong image
  •      Clear call to action

Make sure you ad includes all of these elements as well!


Done right, Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to reach a lot of people in your target market and fill “seats” for your webinar. But it takes testing and best-practices to find ads that work. Use this guide to help you, and watch the webinar registrants flood in!

Have you used Facebook ads to get registrants to a webinar? What were your results? Let us know in the comments below!

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