FBA Paused For Some New Amazon Sellers

The below graphic is far scarier than reality. In the worst case scenario this MIGHT effect 1% of our community- and that 1% has numerous options to plow forward IF this restriction is put on them.


If you’ve sent in an FBA shipment to Amazon in the past, this article DOES NOT apply to you.

This temporary “pause” of FBA services is reported to have been applied only to SOME new sellers & is seemingly only being applied randomly at that. Only SOME new sellers on Amazon attempting to use U.S. based FBA warehouses for the FIRST TIME ever have been effected so far – and there’s even reports that the warning was put up and then pulled back down again for nearly all sellers!

How can you know if you are effected by this temporary limitation or if you soon will be?

When attempting to send in an FBA shipment (if you never have before), you could encounter a block on that option that looks something like the below graphic.


Even if this happens to you, you CAN still sell on Amazon! Anyone can!

What are your options to sell on Amazon if you are brand new and seem to be blocked temporarily (until mid Dec) from shipping to FBA?

You have PLENTY of great options. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. You can still sell via “merchant fulfill” – this means when something sells you ship it to a customer.
  2. You can partner with someone near you or from our community who is FBA approved. Use our “world map” located here: mysilentteam.com/worldmap.html to find someone near you and negotiate a possible temporary arrangement where they sell in their own account, or sell via merchant fulfill in your own account. This is one great option for those who live outside the U.S.!
  3. Consider eBay as well as Amazon (we should all be doing that anyway!)
  4. Sell your great finds in bulk to someone else and wait for the FBA doors to be open again.
  5. Buy a used but inactive Amazon account from someone (I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but some simple research will tell you)
  6. Work with a prep center that provides pack-n-ship fulfillment for you. It works basically the same as Amazon FBA. Here’s a list of our prep centers: Fulfillment Companies
  7. Spend more time on PPI, PPP or other courses in the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course that offer you incredible alternate opportunities and DON’T rely on your FBA eligibility for the next 2 months.
  8. We are only a short few weeks from it being virtually too late to ship anything in via FBA anyway for Q4. Many of the best profit opportunities WILL be “merchant fulfill” opportunities. With LONG warehouse delays expected, selling the product via an Amazon listing, and then shipping the product yourself (aka Merchant fulfill) saves you processing time, Amazon fees, and the potential for delayed inventory stranded in the Amazon processing system.
  9. Selling via merchant fulfill is less risky than FBA this time of year ESPECIALLY for newbies b/c it allows you to acquire inventory (via retail arbitrage for example), keep the receipts, and if your items don’t sell – you return them after the holidays for a refund and you’ve lost none of our investment. If you send your inventory to FBA however, this is a far more expensive and complex strategy to “get out” of our inventory investment.
  10. If you’ve been “kicking around” the idea of starting an online business at some point, this is the time to do it. I suggest you purchase the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course and get in while Amazon is still welcoming new sellers with open arms. This opportunity is in its infancy, and Amazon is growing rapidly. New restrictions on sellers could come in the future, so NOW is the time to act and be “grandfathered in” on any future changes. Having a diversified online strategy that includes Amazon is ideal if you are serious about the future of your online business!

If you see conversations pop up on this topic, please direct folks here for updates and even more options for the 1% of our audience who is effected by this. We are here for you!

Here’s a link to a very active discussion on Facebook on this same topic.http://jimc.biz/2dceoQp

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