6 Ways To Boost Your Social Outreach as a Blogger and Freelance Writer

Despite how hard you work on providing valuable and insightful content to your readers, chances are people will forget about your content the minute they click the close button of their browser tab.

Being on top of your game in the blogosphere requires more than daily blog updates and quality, long-form writing. Blogging is about communicating with the outer world and there are a variety of methods to do that. Writing is just one of the many ways you can engage with your audience. Blog management is a mixture of visual content generation and article writing. But, in its core, it also includes establishing a strong social media presence, choosing suitable email marketing services, and successfully running campaigns that aim at expanding your reach.

Social outreach is the essence of prosperity in every online business. No matter if you’re managing a personal blog or you’re climbing the ladder of the freelance writing career, you’ll find a hard time keeping a regular readership when you don’t engage in various outreach activities.

Create a Writer Portfolio

Regardless if you’re blogging for fun or for financial benefits, building a writer portfolio with selected pieces of your work will help you easily pitch ideas for potential collaboration opportunities.

Guest blogging is a popular method for expanding your connections but sometimes, sending just your blog URL won’t do the trick. Guest collaborations are usually tied up to specific topics that may not be analogous to all of your previous work. That’s why presenting a writer portfolio will help you easily point out your best content in a distinct niche.

Useful tools

Contently: Import articles from across the web and easily create a writer portfolio with your best work.


Set Up an Email Signature

Having a self-hosted email address isn’t exactly necessary, especially when you don’t have a personal domain. It could, of course, add a touch of professionalism to your resume as a writer.

However, a step that you shouldn’t miss out when setting up your email address is placing a custom email signature. Adding your name, position, and contact information in the closure of an email will boost your chances of making an impression on the person you’re reaching out to. You can also further include a headshot and any incorporate any legal disclosure within the signature to make sure your personal and business communication are well secured in case you mistakenly contact the wrong person via email.

Useful tools

New Old Stamp: Online email signature generator that allows users to create, customize and export their own signature. The tool offers four free signature templates and a lot more premium content. The free version lets users add a wide range of information, including personal and company name, social media profiles, address and contact information.


Check Your Grammar

A definite make-it-or-break-it point in email communication is good grammar. Despite how lucrative your offer may be, if you fail to use correct punctuation and make constant typos you can expect a significant drop in email responses. Regularly checking your emails for grammatical and punctuational errors will help you avoid leaving a bad impression.

Useful tools

Grammarly: This chrome extension allows users to check their email and writing for grammatical and punctuational errors. It works in most WYSIWYG text editors, except Google Docs, and will indicate errors directly as you type text in your email, a CMS system or other text boxes.

Explore Potential Outreach Opportunities

Sometimes, putting efforts into your main writing project, be it a blog or a client order, won’t get you as much exposure as you’d like. To connect with a broader audience and reach more potential customers or collaborators, you’ll need to make an extra effort. There are hundreds of non-paid contributor opportunities that you can take advantage of, including guest posts, podcasts, interviews, quotes, reviews, and book chapter contributions.

Useful tools

Source Bottle: An Australian-based website that allows journalists, bloggers, writers, and sources to connect and collaborate on projects.


Help a Reporter Out: Connects journalists and sources for collaboration opportunities, story pitches, interviews, and more.

Journo Requests: Provides a database of Twitter shoutouts for collaboration opportunities, story pitches, and review requests.

Maintain Your Social Media Presence

Being present on social media is not an easy task when you’re overburdened with additional projects and personal tasks. Still, you can rely on a set of online tools to ensure your online presence is not overlooked.

Useful tools

Quuu: Provides a free and premium post automation service and a preset collection of social posts for users to use. Schedules quality articles on various topics and helps Twitter users keep a busy social feed.


Buffer: Free and premium online service that allows users to schedule social media posts across a wide range of social media channels.

Make Cold Calls For Social Media Collaboration

Do you have a great idea that could benefit both you and potential collaborators in a specific niche? Great! All you have to do is find people in your niche that may be interested in your idea and contact them via one of the social media channels they are available on. To facilitate the searching process, you can use a number of online tools. With their help, you can easily connect with journalist and writers in your sector, pitch stories or make various collaboration offers.

Useful tools

Just Reach Out: Provides a list of emails and social media contacts of journalists in specific niches. Although the service is premium, users can get a limited free access to the database after entering their bank or credit card information.


Hunter: Filters and imports contacts from websites and LinkedIn accounts. Also provides email verification services, seamless Google Sheets integration, a Chrome extension and a leads list generation tool. The free version allows 150 free searches per month.


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