1 Success-Strangling Question You Need to Stop Asking Yourself

“What can I get out of this?”

I ask myself this question sometimes. After I publish a blog post.

I sometimes see myself obsessing over:

  • calls to action
  • conversions
  • social media shares
  • traffic stats
  • blogging profits
  • popularity/vanity metrics
  • where I have been featured
  • where I would like to be featured

After taking a deep breath, I catch myself. I see the error in my ways.

We all want to get. We all want to live our dream life through blogging.

But if the energy behind your blogging activities screams:

“What can I get out of my blog/blog post?”

you are destined to either fail, at worst, or to be a miserable blogger who stacks that chedda but feels terrible about looking out only for themselves, having sprinted away from what felt fun and freeing toward what brought the greatest yield.

I love getting like the next guy.

But I also learned – the hard way, of course, lashing myself with a wet noodle 1,000 times a day, it seemed – that if my energy is heavily focused on GETTING I have little energy to give with love, to give of my fun, to give of my passion.

Ya ever notice how an army of bloggers seem overpowered by writer’s block?

These gals and guys create the block by suffering through a self-induced “getting tension”.

This tension creates writer’s block. Said block dominating the minds of folks who are blogging primarily to manipulate people to get stuff that serves them.

The Solution

Shift your energy from getting to giving.

Blog predominantly for the joy of blogging. Do things from a place of love. Blog your passion. Blog your fun. Blog your love.

The getting happens easier and easier and easier and easier when you focus heavily on blogging for the fun of blogging because when you are only focused on having fun, the traffic and shares and profits sneak in the back door. The outcomes manifest when you are so busy doing what you love to do that you give little or no thought to:

“What can I get out of this blog post?”

The energy behind your blogging actions means everything.

Blogging actions by themselves means nothing.

This is a hard lesson to accept, at first, because most blogging advice centers on doing versus being.

Some hyper successful bloggers naturally “Be’ed” hyper successful bloggers, even before the rocked it out, without being consciously aware of their energy or being.

You are a smart cookie.

You are a wise cookie.

You know how following your fun leads to successful blogging.

You are reading Blogging Tips.

You are on the ball.

Starting today, assess the energy behind your blogging actions.

Are you having fun? Or are you just trying to get something through your blog?

Are you blogging with love? Or are you trying to manipulate people to give you money?

Think passion. Not persuasion.

Think affection. Not coercion.

Of course you’ll create posts on how to get more traffic and profits.

Just back these actions with a “Wow it feels fun to give/love,” type energy that manifests a whole lotta joy, and getting, in your life.

Your Turn

How’s your blogging energy?

Focused on the joy of giving?

Or are you trying like hell to get?

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