What Are the Best Ways to Get Regular Blog Readers?

You may be a successful blogger with a handful of sporadic readers but thriving, rabidly engaged, return readers build the spectacular online empires you peep in the blogging world.

These blogging juggernauts seem like they were born with 50 comments per post in their pocket.

Some appear to make social shares and list subscribers appear out of thin air.

Don’t be fooled; the bloggers who rock it out simply attracted 1 return reader at a time.

One time readers may build you a decent cyber income stream.

Return readers build online empires.

1: Follow Your Fun

This is the A1, big-time, non-negotiable tip for drawing in return readers to your blog.

I am blessed to have a growing army of return readers consume my content on the regular.


I genuinely have fun creating my blog posts.

I love this gig.

I love drawing parallels between blogging and my wild travel experiences. I enjoy helping people understand the blogging game by sharing my insights.

Labor of love.

Blogging is an energy game. If you have fun blogging you will emit a playful, irresistible, fantastic energy that attracts readers to your blog like moths to a flame.

Seems magical. But it’s just playful energy….at work….and at play.

What can you gab about all day long? Blog about it.

Follow your fun.

That fun energy is the foundation upon which you build a large, loyal, rabid community of eager readers.

2: Create Content in *Your* Voice

This is a difficult tip to follow at first.

You may want to write like Zac Johnson or Darren Rowse.

Or maybe you’re really certifiable and wanna write like Ryan Biddulph at Blogging From Paradise.

Bad move.

Because your writing voice distances you from the herd.

Write in your voice to stand out, to increase blog traffic and to attract an expanding legion of loyal readers who eagerly await your latest blog post.

Write 500 to 1,000 words daily – for practice – to allow your writing voice to surface.

3: Make Friends with Top Bloggers

Make buddies in high places.

Top bloggers can help you attract new – and return – readers persistently.

Tips to Make Buddies with Blogging Big Dawgs

  • comment on top blogs
  • share big dawg blogger posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G Plus
  • link in to influential bloggers on your blog

4: Grow an Email List

Grow an email list.

Make it easy for readers to return to your blog.

Email marketing is convenience marketing.

People may check their Facebook and Twitter or G Plus accounts.

You betcha they are checking their email regularly.

5: Pinpoint Mental Blocks to More Readers

As within so without.

Stupid successful bloggers regularly face, embrace and release mental blocks to grow like a stinking weed.

I spent a somewhat stressful day today taking care of a loved one with a terminal illness.

I share this not to goad you to host a Pity Party for me; I simply am sharing the fact that the old me would have feared writing this guest post because I felt tired or stressed earlier in the day. The new me has become more skilled at embracing, feeling and releasing mental blocks, so I simply sat down, wrote this post and did so from a space of love and fun because I go gaga over helping you guys build rocking blogs.

Your Turn

How are you attracting returning blog readers?


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.

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