What 1 Million Deals Means for Amazon Sellers

Congratulations, Snagshout! We made it to ONE MILLION SNAGS. In less than two years, our team (including the shoppers and sellers) have managed to achieve 1,000,000 snags. Do you see all those zeroes?! In the same two-year span, our shoppers have spent $5.3M on $21.8M worth of products. That’s a savings of $16,500,000! Let’s look at what has changed this year, so we can see what 1 million deals means for Amazon Sellers.

Key Amazon Terms of Service Updates in 2016

It’s no secret that this year has been tumultuous for Amazon sellers. The goal of Snagshout has always been to help Amazon sellers improve their sales velocity and expand their business goals. With Amazon’s updates this year—especially the big one in October—we’ve been a bit more retroactive, and have adjusted to the updated TOS in stride. Amazon pushed four reviewing policy updates since August.

August 2, 2016

Implementation of the $5.00 minimum needed in order to review a product on Amazon.

September 23, 2016

 Implementation of the $50.00 minimum needed on a shopper’s account in order to review a product on Amazon.

October 3, 2016

Amazon no longer permits providing free or discounted products in exchange for reviews.

October 24, 2016

Amazon accounts will be terminated if they continue offering products for free or discounted items in exchange for honest reviews.

How Snagshout Responded, Adapted and Grew

snagshout-rocketWe have a great team who has made 2016 a memorable year for Snagshout, in spite of all of the changes. From our marketing team that kept our clients updated on Amazon changes; to our development team who worked tirelessly to improve Snagshout and grow our merchant base; to our Fearless Leaders for providing direction and leadership when we were faced with stark opposition. But Snagshout has achieved even more this year than just one million snags and $16.5M savings. We’ve made improvements to help sellers protect their inventory, save money and increase brand exposure.

Latest Updates

  • MAX: Helping sellers protect their inventory, one product at a time—and it’s completely free for everyone.
  • Competitive pricing: Snagshout switched to a monthly subscription service, which is based on the number of campaigns a seller would like to run in a month. 
  • Syndicated deals. Through Snagshout, you now have the opportunity to market your product to our community of partners for even more exposure than Snagshout’s 250,000+ shopper—detials to come.

1 Million Deals Is Just the Start

Although it has taken two years and one million deals snagged on Snagshout, we believe this is only the start of what we have to offer both sellers and shoppers. Amazon sellers can promote their products with confidence knowing that Snagshout is 100% compliant with Amazon’s TOS and that there will be an engaged audience who want deals on great products. Shoppers can get deals knowing that they’re purchasing from upstanding sellers who want to provide consumers with quality goods at a great price. We hope you continue to use Snagshout for your promotional needs. And if you haven’t tried posting your deals to Snagshout, try it today and let the results speak truth to what our platform has to offer.

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