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Do You Compete or Create?

I peered at Blogging Tips and 1 thought crossed my mind: “Wow a lot of awesome folks post on this inspired blog.” Then another thought flashed across my mind: “Amazing how the old me would feel fear, worry and anxiety about going against these folks.” I am creating these days. I left the idea of [Read more…]

How to Create a High-Converting Facebook Ad to Promote Your Webinar

Do you have trouble collecting new leads for your webinars? Well, Facebook ads may be the answer… With a well thought out Facebook ad, you can build buzz around your webinar, boost registrations, and end up with greater attendance. The catch? Not every Facebook ad converts – and if you don’t know what you’re doing, [Read more…]

OUT NOW: A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Buy it now In case you thought this blog had died and gone to Heaven Hell… Nope! I’ve been scribbling away in the darkness and I’m relieved/delighted to finally announce: A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing The book has just dropped in my store. First question, how is [Read more…]

Online Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Have you thought about how artificial intelligence (i.e. robots) might impact your business in the coming months / years? I hope so, as the rise of artificial intelligence is undeniable in the digital marketing world. In just the past few years, artificial intelligence has already started to make us think about what can and should be [Read more…]

How to Increase Newsletter Signups with Whiteboard Videos

Do you need to increase your engagement level and newsletter signups? Have you ever thought about using a video to accomplish this? Using whiteboard videos to increase your newsletter sign-ups is a great way to do this. Whiteboard videos are a unique type of animation that allows you to capture more viewers by letting them [Read more…]

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