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The Duplicate Content Myth and More: Weekly Forum Update

Happy New Year and welcome back! We took a little break from writing these posts, but our communities were still churning out great threads! On Threadwatch, we have news about Google throttling traffic and the death of the Link Search Operator. Webmasterworld members are discussing Facebook’s journalist outreach program and keywords, while SEO Chat members [Read more…]

The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies

Tell me if you’ve encountered conversations like these before: “We actually don’t care about conversions; we just want organic traffic growth.” “We’re re-branding and are no longer calling ourselves [insert term].” “We’re launching a new product today. Can you provide us tagging and content?” #facepalm I’d like to tell you these situations are rare, but [Read more…]

Archive SEO: archive by topic, not by date

A common practice for many blogs is to use date-based archives for their archive pages. These long lists of links, sorted by month and year, group posts that were made during that period. Although this initially might make sense, it can have an adverse impact on your archive SEO. So how do you optimize your [Read more…]

7 Timeless Reasons Why & How Content Goes Viral

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Planking? Tebowing? At one time, these memes crossed the line from obscurity to mainstream. Even though Facebook and Twitter play a huge role in amplifying a challenge or helping memes go viral, the origins of that meme can usually be traced to anonymous social networks, like Reddit and 4chan. Viral [Read more…]

1 Telling Analogy Between Using Free Hosting and Your Parent’s House

I regularly see well-meaning but misguided bloggers mired in their limiting beliefs. Some of these folks say they cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting. And how it doesn’t make a difference anyway. Others have no clue how to set up their domain so they figure it’d be a big pain in the butt [Read more…]

7 Ways to Increase the Speed of a WordPress Site

Do you have problems with your WordPress site not loading or loading too slowly? These are the sorts of problems you don’t want to have when you are trying to promote your brand on your website. WordPress is a popular platform and web host. This may be one of the reasons it is also slower [Read more…]

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