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What 1 Million Deals Means for Amazon Sellers

Congratulations, Snagshout! We made it to ONE MILLION SNAGS. In less than two years, our team (including the shoppers and sellers) have managed to achieve 1,000,000 snags. Do you see all those zeroes?! In the same two-year span, our shoppers have spent $5.3M on $21.8M worth of products. That’s a savings of $16,500,000! Let’s look [Read more…]

5 Handpicked Tips for A Smart Content Marketer

Content marketing is much more than writing great copies and having people read them. Content marketing is insisting readers to turn into buyers, without visibly insisting them. Optimizing the website lead capture form is marketing without ado. It helps but the subtle marketing pitches and undertones help better. There are many bumpy crossovers in subtly [Read more…]

How to write a more punchy speaker or author bio

Is there anything more cringe-worthy than writing a bio? Yes, actually: hearing one that you’ve written read out loud as you’re being introduced as a speaker! So whenever I come across a clever (and mercifully short) bio, I take note. I look for clues about how to communicate better without the cringe. So imagine my [Read more…]

How To Keep Your CPCs Sane (Holiday Edition)

The holiday season always shows up earlier than you’d like it to. All those to-dos that kept getting postponed, till we’re here, on the verge of the busiest time of the year for most stores. And while it’s too late to make drastic changes, there are still things you can do to get the most out [Read more…]

FBA Paused For Some New Amazon Sellers

The below graphic is far scarier than reality. In the worst case scenario this MIGHT effect 1% of our community- and that 1% has numerous options to plow forward IF this restriction is put on them. If you’ve sent in an FBA shipment to Amazon in the past, this article DOES NOT apply to you. [Read more…]

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