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What Are Social Meta Tags? How to Control How Your Content Looks in Social Media Shares

Have you ever pasted a link into Facebook or Twitter to find that the associated image has nothing to do with the content of that page, or that the post description reads like an SEO Mad Lib? You think twice about sharing it, don’t you? There’s a way for marketers to control the experience their content [Read more…]

The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research

If you’ve ever wondered: “How do I find keywords my competition doesn’t know about?” “How do I know if a keyword is too hard to rank for?” “What’s the best keyword research tool on the market?” “Should I look for specific keywords? Or topics?” It’s a comprehensive guide that will show you EXACTLY how to [Read more…]

Amazon Repricers: 5 Reasons Price Automation is Vital for Seller Success

If there is one commonality that I find Amazon shoppers have in common, it is a penchant for finding great products at a good price. We have become conditioned to expect that when we purchase an item on Amazon, it is competitively priced. Part of the reason that we are seeing these competitive prices is [Read more…]

How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member

Business Insights: How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member As your affiliate marketing business grows, how will you hire your first team member and stay one step ahead of the competition? You could put in more hours by yourself, but this really isn’t the answer to all your problems. You guys should know [Read more…]

Let us care for your site: Yoast SEO Care

As a hard-working site owner, it is often difficult to find the time to work on issues that are holding your company back. You might find that the blog posts of your competitor appear higher in search results, but you don’t know what to do about it. Or, you might discover that your site isn’t [Read more…]

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