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Five common mistakes small businesses make with their online presence

Please note, this is content written in association with Single Platform. All small businesses need to know how to create a consistent online presence. 54% of small businesses currently have a website, but this isn’t nearly enough if you want to create an effective web presence in order to approach potential customers. Often small business [Read more…]

Programmatic Delivery: The Future of Content Marketing and Promotion?

Content promotion is hard. Disparate audiences and an ever-growing proliferation of channels to reach them through has made the life of a content marketer incredibly tough. What would you say, however, if there was a single solution to reaching EXACTLY the right people at exactly the right time, across any and every channel in real [Read more…]

Why SEO & lousy content don’t mix

We’ve all heard the saying, “Content is king.” While in some respects this saying is true, in my opinion, this one phrase has done more damage to our industry than anything else. According to WordPress, “Users produce about 73.9 million new posts and 49.0 million new comments each month.” That’s roughly 2.4 million posts a [Read more…]

SEO in 2017: Seizing opportunity, evangelizing success, achieving overarching growth

As we begin 2017, the fusion of the search and content marketing disciplines has become increasingly more evident. A full 89 percent of B2B marketers (PDF) say that they use content marketing, as do 86 percent of B2C marketers, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Additionally, over 70 percent of marketers in both groups plan on [Read more…]

11 Ways to Hack the LinkedIn Pulse Algorithm

Why do you blog? You want your content to be discovered and read by as many people as possible, right? But often your reach is limited. You’re limited by the size of your existing audience. Every day, people are bombarded with more content than they will ever have time to read. Most people are both [Read more…]

5 Handpicked Tips for A Smart Content Marketer

Content marketing is much more than writing great copies and having people read them. Content marketing is insisting readers to turn into buyers, without visibly insisting them. Optimizing the website lead capture form is marketing without ado. It helps but the subtle marketing pitches and undertones help better. There are many bumpy crossovers in subtly [Read more…]

What Link Building Success Really Looks Like

A few weeks ago, a post was published entitled The SEO Myth of Going Viral. It referenced 8 pieces of content across 4 different sites that went viral and, most importantly for SEO, gained hundreds of linking root domains. I was the creative director on a lot of those campaigns while working as the VP [Read more…]

Is it True That Long-Form Blog Posts Perform Better?

By Dave Molnar As a blogger, you spend an enormous amount of time creating content. And you want that content to succeed, right? If you’re like most bloggers, though, it’s possible that you’ve fallen into a “comfort zone” where you’re consistently publishing content of a particular length. And if this length is shorter than about [Read more…]

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