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Why Webinars? 4 Reasons to Commit to Webinars in 2017

If you’re not fully taking advantage of webinars to grow your business, we have one question for you… What are you waiting for? Why webinars? Webinars are a proven way to create new revenue streams, get qualified leads, build more trust, and better understand your audience. And all of these are even more important in [Read more…]

Five proven SEO strategies for retailers to use in 2017

Optimizing your ecommerce site for better rankings should be a top priority for any growth-focused business owner. Being on the first page is no longer enough to generate enough traffic, CTR, and sales, for 2016 and 2017, the main goal should be to rank 1 and I will tell you why. In 2011, a research [Read more…]

Google Analytics Spam Removal Guide

If you run your business by the numbers, you need to be able to trust them 100%. But one look at your Google Analytics reports will show you that that’s easier said than done. On any given day you’ll see tens to hundreds of visits from all kinds of strange places. These aren’t real visitors, it’s [Read more…]

How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member

Business Insights: How to Find and Hire Your First Rockstar Team Member As your affiliate marketing business grows, how will you hire your first team member and stay one step ahead of the competition? You could put in more hours by yourself, but this really isn’t the answer to all your problems. You guys should know [Read more…]

Mastering the Owner Response to the Quintet of Google My Business Reviews

Two dates to know: August 4, 2010 – the day Google enabled owner responses to Google My Business reviews; November 17, 2016 – the day Moz enabled incredibly easy GMB owner response functionality in the Moz Local dashboard. Why are these noteworthy events in Local Search history? Because reviews and owner responses are direct reputation [Read more…]

Online Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Have you thought about how artificial intelligence (i.e. robots) might impact your business in the coming months / years? I hope so, as the rise of artificial intelligence is undeniable in the digital marketing world. In just the past few years, artificial intelligence has already started to make us think about what can and should be [Read more…]

Payments Platform: 8 Tips for Business Owners Looking for The Right Platform

When it comes to choosing the right payments platform for your business, you better do your research. Every business has different payment needs. Whether it’s cross-border payments or recurring billing, there is definitely a payment solution that best fits your business. If you’re in search for a solution, here are eight tips for business owners [Read more…]

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