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Create new possibilities for your SEO & SEM campaigns

2016 brought incredible developments in both SEO & SEM. From the emergence of AI, search engine algorithm changes, new formats like ETAs, call extensions and voice search the complexity of managing SEO and SEM has become more complex than ever. And the momentum won’t stop as 2017 brings forth a new wave of opportunities for [Read more…]

MozBar Revived! How We Rebuilt MozBar to be More Robust Than Ever—Plus a Brand-New Feature

2016 was quite a year for MozBar… I’m so pleased to announce that we’ve completely rebuilt the foundation for MozBar, making it more robust and reliable, and we’ve launched a new MozBar Premium feature: On-Page Content Suggestions! Download MozBar for Chrome But before we get into the fun, new feature stuff, I want to be [Read more…]

8 Predictions for SEO in 2017

It’s that time again, friends… That time where I grade my 2016 predictions to see whether I’ve got the clout and foresight to get another shot in 2017. This year is gonna be really close, as I was more aggressive last year than in prior ones, so let’s see where we end up, and what [Read more…]

My 10 Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2017

It was hard to miss the “good riddance to 2016” trumpet blasts just two weeks ago. So 2017 starts off in a pretty good position with small shoes to fill. However, the expectations we as individuals have for our own achievements have not waned. Redo everything and improve it all. “Nothing is sacred” has been [Read more…]

Organic Search Party: Our Top SEO Columns of 2016

Each year brings a plethora of changes to search engine optimization, and 2016 was no different. From the rollout of Accelerated Mobile Pages to the long-awaited real-time Penguin update, the SEO world had a lot of exciting news to digest this year. With the help of our All Things SEO and Link Week columnists, readers [Read more…]

Yoast’s most read posts of 2016

We’re approaching the end of 2016. It was an excellent year for Yoast: next week we’ll elaborate a bit on that (including a nice surprise for our loyal readers, so stay tuned!). We hope you had a great year as well, in which you took your website to the next level and managed to outrank [Read more…]

The 10 Best & Biggest New PPC Features of the Year

Another crazy year is almost behind us. The year 2016 will be remembered for some huge and unexpected changes, some awesome new PPC features, and welcome changes to both the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms. But some new PPC features stuck out more than the rest this year. This article will separate the unicorns [Read more…]

Can SEOs make local search great again in 2017?

It was bad enough that Prince, Leonard Cohen and Mrs. Brady checked out in 2016, but then I had to go and read David Mihm’s excellent 2017 Local Marketing Predictions, and I couldn’t find a cocktail fast enough to drown my misery. Mihm’s piece is a sober look at how Google has been leading us all down [Read more…]

Facebook Video: Expert Insights & Latest Best Practices [Interview]

When Facebook reported its third quarter 2016 results, Mark Zuckerberg said, “People are creating and sharing more video, and we think it’s pretty clear that video is only going to become more important. So that’s why we’re prioritizing putting video first across our family of apps, and taking steps to make it even easier for [Read more…]

Exclusive Webinar Recap: Growth Beyond Amazon with Steve Chou

On Tuesday October 26th 2016, we held a super insightful webinar with Steve Chou from mywifequitherjob.com. As an expert in the ecommerce world, we wanted to get Steve’s views on growth beyond Amazon, and the next steps to build a profitable empire after you have built a successful business on Amazon. The webinar had a great [Read more…]

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