Income Report Roundup – November 2016


One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $87,358.00 (-$10,129.00)

October was another great month for Michelle, due to being so far ahead with her posting schedule she had a little time to relax and focus on her to do list.

This month she spent some time learning more about SEO and celebrated 3 years since leaving her day job for self-employment.

Sales for her affiliate marketing course are still going well and going forward she hopes to focus a little more on guest posting.

#2) – $43,820.00 (+$16,579.00)

Abbie & Donnie are celebrating their best month for income so far this month and revealing why they decided to remove an income stream.

They’ve opted for a better reading experience, faster page load times and promotion of their own relevant products instead of having ads in their sidebar space.

While this means between one and two thousand dollars of ad revenue lost they’re taking a leap of faith in the hopes that making the change will be a good decision overall.

#3) – $39,801.35 (+$16,557.50)

Lindsay & Bjork are back this month with a big increase on last months income and they’ve reopened enrollment for their Food Blogger Pro site.

This month Bjork talks about important tools he couldn’t blog without, since he struggles with time management he shares the benefits of time management automation systems.

He also shared handy tools for backing up your site and reminds readers that blogging without a backup is like riding a bike without wearing a helmet.

#4) – $36,767.00 (+$9,720.11)

Jon is celebrating his best month for income this month as he really starts to feel the effects of transitioning away from his day job, despite losing his Amazon affiliate account last month.

He spent a lot of time this month working on brand new growth projects which haven’t started to pay off yet and is excited to have lots of work and opportunities ahead.

With more staff and his online business becoming more formal he’s really starting to see results from extra the time he has invested since leaving his job.

#5) – $26,059.22 (+$17,601.97)

Brendan MaceBrandan is excited to be reporting record breaking numbers on the site this month after the launch of his new product.

He talks about how to be positive and make the best out of bad situations this month, reflecting on how past events contributed to the success he’s now experiencing.

On top of his huge increase in income his launch also helped his YouTube channel and blog to explode with new visitors, all while enjoying some time off in Bali mid-launch!

#6) – $20,927.18 (+$538.35)

It’s a slight rise in income on the blog this month and after investing a lot of time into site speed last month I have continued to improve on that for around an 80% cut in load times.

This month I completed my first 10km run up a rocky volcano trail in preparation for Ironman but ended up injured and unable to train for a couple of weeks.

I also began to reveal how I made $134,171 in 6 days and had some time to fly out to Disney Orlando to see my mum & sister.

Going forward, this will be the first month in a while I haven’t had anything big planned. So with razor sharp focus I approach Black Friday, which usually promises a very profitable month!

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#7) – $5,765.11 (+$521.94)

ThePracticalSaverThe income trend is still on the up for Allan this month as he reports his best month for the seventh month in a row!

His traffic was lower this month while income is up and he’s backing up the theory that big traffic doesn’t always equal big income, it all depends on the quality of traffic.

He’s still running with no expenses and has seen extra income from coaching people on Pinterest strategies, interestingly he never asked for payment but was donated payment for those services.

Next month he’ll continue to focus on growing page views, income & subscribers.

#8) – $5,729.35 (-$527.49)

Get Post CookieIt’s a slight drop in income for Dave this month but he’s still happy with his second best month for income, coming just shy of last month’s total.

He is developing a new large feature for his Readability-score site due for launch at the end of the year and saved on management time with new admin tools.

Going forward he hopes to spend more time on ApolloPad and although he wants to improve social posting automation for Cheatography he says it will take a back seat this month.

He’ll be continuing work on his new Readability-score feature and start looking at integrating Google Docs. He’s also on the hunt for the right VA to fit in with his business goals.

#9) – $3,688.00 (-$1,700.00)

untemplaterIt’s a drop in income for Sydney this month and although she continues to maximise earnings each month while investing the excess she’s anticipating a recession.

She talks about the economy this month and what the after effects of the recent U.S. election could be, with some sources predicting a two year long recession.

To finish she reminds readers that change is inevitable and that we have to take control of our plans to keep things moving in the right direction.

#10) – $3,292.50 (-$5023.89)

IncomeBullyIt’s a big drop in income for Nathan this month after he had a hard drive problem that meant he lost a bunch of data, including some of the content for his new guide.

He didn’t get around to finishing any of his goals he set for this month and a spent a lot of time setting up his main system again.

He also worked on a few projects not related to the blog and says that next month his goals are to complete all the things he wanted to achieve in October.

#11) – $2,246.96 (-$242.78)

ohpIt’s a slight dip in income for Ron this month and although income is great he’s noticing some costly errors on his part.

He’s invested a lot of money into other websites but so far seen no return, one of his goals going forward is to pay more attention to reducing expenses.

That said, he saw a nice increase in income from his ad revenues after focusing more on ad optimization. Next month he plans to hire writers for his new authority websites and work on link building for his THQ site.

#12) – $1,411.70 (+$668.01)

its-vickyNew to the lineup this month is Vicky coming in with a nice increase on last month and celebrating her best month for income so far!

She reports each month on her Amazon niche site case study, the site is in the health niche and aims to rank for certain sub-niche topics. Her top source of traffic is from organic search results.

Next month she plans to start focusing more effort on Twitter growth and her Facebook page. Creating new YouTube videos is also on her to do list to increase traffic.

#13) – $601.21 (-$792.94)

OnlineMoneyzIncome has taken a hit this month for Ilya as he and his VA were busy putting in time investment that hasn’t started to pay off yet

This month he focused his goals on Amazon affiliates and found the lowest competition, highest value keywords for his VA to write ‘Top X Products’ style posts for those.

He also recorded a lot of tutorials for his VA and did some link building for his WHQ site. Outside of work he struggled with juggling homework tasks and college life.

Next month he hopes to review, edit and publish 21 posts for his WHQ site, continue his keyword research, create new social platforms for his WHQ site and write at least 5 Black Friday/Cyber Monday posts to promote.

#14) – $583.95 (+$3.23)

PassiveIncomeWiseFrancisco is celebrating his best month for income for the second month in a row and he’s spent a little time setting things up at home with his wife and chilling out.

He helped his wife to set up her own blog and focused on health goals and eating less processed food. He also began experimenting with Pinterest for more traffic to his blog.

Having used a free opt-in plugin for a while he’s decided to change to Thrive Leads next month to work on boosting the number of subscribers to his email list.

#15) – $555.96 (-$145.00)

AliRazaIt’s a slight drop in income for Ali this month and as always he’s been tweaking the site to improve user experience, with more of a focus on engagement this month.

He had a new theme installed on the site to make things easier to navigate, help to boost email subscriptions, improve load time and allow more branding.

He successfully reduced the page load speed on his site and tested different CTAs. Next month he plans to install SSL Security, test more CTAs and get more blog commenting done.

#16) – $512.84 (+$151.43)

livingoffcloudIncome is on the up again for Nadya this month thanks to kickfurther investments paying back.

Her ‘Elephant’ website is still suffering after she found out the ad units had a bug and she’s also concerned to see overall traffic seems to be decreasing on the site.

She was happy when a few businesses contacted her to collaborate on the blog this month and she backed two new businesses on kickfurther.

Going forward she’ll be continuing work on increasing income for her ‘Rat’ site and continue her PBN work for the ‘HoneyBee’ site.

#17) – $183.13 (-$1,305.99)

Passive Income TrekIncome has dropped to the lowest so far this month for Richard after he spent a lot of time on his side hustle.

That said, a lot of his other metrics improved, pageviews were up and there was a drop in bounce rate.

This month he’s been busy moving offices and didn’t produce as much content but will be back to business as usual next month. He also set up new affiliate income streams this month.

#18) – $117.49 (-$20.63)

The Restless WorkerIt’s another small decrease in income for Madi this month and she spent half of the month travelling in Europe.

After deciding to have a ‘real’ vacation instead of a travel blog vacation she didn’t pre-schedule things before her trip which affected income.

Taking a look at her traffic stats she decided that she doesn’t need to post as regularly as she first thought and going forward she’s continuing to chip away at her never ending to do list.

#19) – $81.38 (-$0.40)

mypathtopassiveincomeIncome is remaining steady for Esteban this month as the winter months draw in and he continues to find his day job tough.

He’s looking forward to finishing his trial period at work next month so he can focus on his mortgage and long term goals.

Since his MMA classes didn’t work out he’s decided to focus on work and money goals for now and revisit his physical goals in the future.

His goals ahead include buying a flat, making $1,000 with his project and start exercising more. Since his long term goals all depend on these, that’s all he’s aiming for right now!

#20) – $72.64 (+$45.84)

TheExtraIncomeProjectIt’s an increase in income for Lloyd this month and he’s adjusting to a new routine after getting a new job.

He’s prioritised his new job over the blog this month and not completed any of the goals he set last month, although it wasn’t all bad.

Work he has put in over previous months has helped him to generate some passive income this month despite not paying much attention to the site.

Next month his goals will roll over, minus his huge traffic targets. He’s mainly planning to focus on publishing some new blog posts .

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In Summary

This month we’ve had one newbie join the lineup and the income of all bloggers featured is up $66,486.80 from last month to $279,574.97.

Plans are coming to fruition as ten blogs report an increase in income with five of those ten celebrating their best month for income so far.

One of our newer bloggers is on a roll with his seventh best month in a row after nine months of blogging and our top earner is celebrating three years since quitting her day job this month!

With Black Friday this month it will be interesting to see what everyone has planned and how it will affect next month’s income!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

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