Ecommerce Design Elements That’ll Increase Your Conversions

When it comes to selling online, your website design has to appeal to your customers as much as the products do. Business owners who are not pleased with their current conversion rates need to take a long, hard look at the design of their ecommerce site. Making a few tweaks to the overall appearance may be just what you need to close more sales.

While every ecommerce website will look and function slightly different from others, there are essential design elements that should be utilized on every site. Even the smallest design elements may be the difference between boosting sales and struggling to stay afloat.

Detailed Product Photography

No customer wants to purchase a product they can’t see. This is one reason why ecommerce took so long to catch on with the masses. In a physical store, the customer is able to touch and examine the items they are interested in purchasing. However, this is not possible online.

Business owners need to make sure their ecommerce site is full of clear and detailed photographs of every product. Try to include both close-up and zoomed-out photographs. If a product is offered in multiple variants, make sure the customer can look at each option. Products with detailed and accurate photographs are more likely to sell.

In addition to having great photos, you should also consider using online videos for products as well. It’s one thing to see a picture, but a customer review or unboxing of a product can do wonders for conversions.

Clever Product Copy

Convincing a customer that they need to buy the product is what great product copy is capable of doing. Good copy can increase conversion rates by 30-100 percent. The product copy should be informative and catchy, without seeming too gimmicky. Let customers know how the features of a certain product would actually be beneficial to them.

Some of the most successful product copy is broken into two sections, the short brief and the full story. During the shorter copy, the main uses and reasons for the product should be clearly stated. The longer copy should leave no stone unturned. Any question that could pop into a customer’s head should be addressed in this copy. Unanswered questions lead to doubt, which will prevent you from closing the sale.

POS Perks

No customer wants to place an order with a company if the checkout process seems too difficult. The POS system should run smoothly and be easy to follow. The enterprise ecommerce solutions offered in today’s market make it simple to increase conversions by offering a POS platform that is very user friendly.

Some of the most popular POS perks include coupon codes and free shipping. Offer your customers discounts or other incentives that will make them more likely to shop with you instead of visiting a competitor. Your POS platform should easily integrate these discounts before the sale is completed. This improves the level of customer satisfaction, and happy customers are more likely to become repeat shoppers.

Saved Shopping Carts

It’s common for customers to put items in their shopping cart, with the intention of returning later to make the purchase. In fact, 68.8 percent of carts are abandoned before making a purchase. If your site clears the contents from their cart as soon as they leave your site, you could lose out on that sale. Customers are less likely to purchase items if their cart is emptied or expired when they return.

Make sure your ecommerce site is set up to save a customer’s shopping cart for an extended period of time. Emailing customers who have abandoned their carts is another way to increase your overall conversions.
Improving conversion rates should be a top priority as a business owner. Improving some of the small details of your ecommerce site, such as displaying better product photography, writing more persuasive product copy, offering an easy-to-use POS system, and saving abandoned shopping carts, may help you turn lost customers into strong sales.

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