Do You Compete or Create?

I peered at Blogging Tips and 1 thought crossed my mind: “Wow a lot of awesome folks post on this inspired blog.”

Then another thought flashed across my mind: “Amazing how the old me would feel fear, worry and anxiety about going against these folks.”

I am creating these days. I left the idea of competition behind.

Imagine not getting a slice of the blogging pie, or not even a blogging pie for that matter.

Imagine abundance.

Much of what you read online focuses on offering tips from a place of fear and scarcity. I ain’t no Blogging Buddha. I do feel the crunch sometimes. But in the next moment the crunch becomes the creation. Big shift. From fear to love. From scarcity to abundance. From terror to thrills. From fretting to financial abundance. From panic to prosperity, and profits.

The Competition Is a Fear, Manifest

Fear creates competition.

Even if someone appears to be successful, and happy, and abundant, if they mention the word “competition” they fear that someone could actually take something away from them.

This is a lie in a universe of abundance.

You may bloggers who cover the same niche or topic as you do. But these individuals could never affect what you do, or, take any readers or profits away from you, unless you feared the lie of scarcity.

Energy Game

Blogging is an energy game.

All the actions, tips, techniques and hacks work stupendously well – even for a dingbat like me – when your energy comes from a place of fun, love and clarity.

All the actions, tips, techniques and hacks in the world will never ever work for someone whose mind is clouded by fear. The old dingbat me possessed such a mind. A mind focused on beating the imagined competition versus creating to lift up the collective blogosphere.

Rising Tide

Some wise dude – or dudette – once said how a rising tide lifts all ships.

If you focus on being FOR versus going AGAINST, you will do things from a place of love and fun versus from a place of fear and anxiety.

Focusing your energies on creating (versus competing):

  • increases your creativity to god-like levels
  • boosts your blogging profits
  • makes you attractive to successful, creative, fun-loving bloggers (and readers) from your niche
  • dissolves the fear or anxiety of blogging competition
  • expands your peace of mind
  • makes you stupid prolific
  • improves your powers of observation
  • makes you irresistible to the concept of teamwork
  • boosts your features on top blogs
  • makes you a *must interview* blogger

Creating is the way to go.

Ways to Create

  • write a blog post
  • write a guest post
  • record and publish a video
  • record a podcast (or, start a podcast)
  • create a helpful comment on a well read blog
  • respond to questions on Quora
  • respond to questions on the Warrior Forum
  • respond to questions on Facebook, Twitter, G Plus or LinkedIn

Your Turn

How are you creating for others?

Or are you caught up with the idea of competition?

How are you addressing the feeling of fear that creates the erroneous idea of competition?


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