9 Quick Tips to Improve Content Writing Speed and Quality

Are you looking for ways to improve your content writing speed and quality? Great news, I’ve been working with content writers around the world and writing professionally for several years now. In addition to writing content about my own entrepreneur experiences and business, it’s also my job to make sure the content not only reads well, but also to create content that comes to life in the process.

If you are a content writer or just a business owner looking to improve your speed and quality, try these 15 tips that I have learned along the way.

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1. First of all, realize that speed and quality do not always go together.

When it comes to content writing, quality should always come first. Whether you write articles yourself or outsource them to others, you should always choose the writer who produces consistent quality time after time over the writer who produces bulk articles with speed but not well-written. Quality sometimes suffers if you try to do too many. This is a subtle balance of time management and quality of information. It takes time to write a good article. So you have to decide if you are willing to pay more for more time or if you are willing to settle for less quality and have more articles.

2. Write about topics you know the best.

If you write (or hire writers) who write about things they know best, you will save time and money. When people write about their areas of expertise, they are less likely to struggle with the terminology of that niche area, and they produce better quality since they are an expert in that field. Don’t hire the writer who writes about everything. Find the one who writes about your topic. This is especially true if you want to be an expert in your space.

3. Remember you can’t do it all.

Unless your business is content writing, remember that you cannot do it all. You simply don’t have time to write about all of the topics that you need to put out to your audience and run your business too. So outsource some work to expert writers.

4. You get what you pay for.

Remember that you get what you pay for. Self-respecting writers usually won’t take less than $25-$30 per 500 words. You may be able to get a bit more if you offer consistent work. Writers see this as a trade-off since they will not have to use that time to scour for more clients. However, don’t expect the best quality if you are paying them less than their normal rate.

5. Do research in a timely manner.

Research-based articles where links are used within the text will cost you more because the writer has to scour the web for credible sources, which has become harder these days. Make sure you factor in the research time when you hire writers and keep it in mind if you do it yourself. In addition to writing research articles, there are plenty of resources out there for writing review articles as well. I know this is something many bloggers will find interesting, so I wanted to mention it here as well.

6. Get to the point early then expound on that.

Remember that readers are busy too. They want to hear the main point fairly early. It’s important to set it up through a good introduction. But the point should be obvious. Then you can expound on the theme as you make your points.

7. Brainstorm first.

It is important to spend some time brainstorming, even if it is just a few points that you jot down on a legal pad before you start writing.

8. Weed your garden.

Remember an article is not an eBook or encyclopedia. You should limit your focus to the topic at hand and include details that support your central theme. Don’t try to rewrite the world.

9. Go for style over perfection.

Good grammar is good. Less grammar is better. This is a rule that I have adapted over time as a professional writer. Perfect grammar is best left to the academics who strain over word usage and forget the central theme and points. It’s more important that you communicate in a clear manner but make your style take top priority than to win a Grammar contest. Your readers want to be entertained and sometimes that requires deviating a bit from the rules in the sake of style. Some of the most famous writers did this, including William Shakespeare.

Writing Down New Ideas

Writing Tips: Do it Your Way

Anyone can learn the rules of writing and grammar. But it takes a real expert to do it their way. This doesn’t mean deviating from the primary rules of grammar or spelling. But it means to remember your audience, the purpose of your content, and what you’re there for. It’s about increasing engagement and conversion.

Everything else is just “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!”


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