7 Wealth Management Lessons People Can Learn from Google Panda and Penguin

Believe it or not, Google Panda and Penguin can and do teach us various lessons which are just as applicable when managing the wealth you’ve earned online as they are when it comes to SEO. The topic I’ve chosen may seem peculiar but bare with me, give this post a chance and I’m sure you’ll end up agreeing with my findings.

Here are the seven wealth management lessons I think we should learn from Google Panda and Penguin:

1) The easy way out isn’t always as easy as it seems. The idea of playing cat and mouse with Google in order to achieve quick results may seem and actually is tempting to a lot of people but Google is getting smarter with each day that passes and at one point or another, you end up realizing that doing the right thing is actually easier than trying to continuously bend the rules

2) Putting all of your eggs in the same basket is extremely risky, yet so many people still rely pretty much exclusively on Google for most of their traffic, let’s not even talk about those who rely on Google for their revenue as well (AdSense)

3) You didn’t make the rules, you just have to play by them. Google decides which search-related policies to implement, just like governments have the final say in fiscal policy and central banks on monetary policy. Maybe you agree with the changes which are being implemented from time to time. Then again, maybe not. Those are the rules, we’re forced to follow them, so let’s just do our best

4) If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is, from SEO service providers who promise amazing results at ridiculously low fees to various “experts” who try to sell various “quick fix” wealth management formulas. There are unfortunately more than a few people who prey on the fact that human beings are wired to respond well to promises of instant/hassle-free results. Promise them unicorns and they’ll be thrilled, make them a realistic proposal and they’ll be anything but excited

5) Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Few things in this world are more rewarding than taking a step back and watching how something you’ve worked hard and consistently on evolved. Whether we’re talking about a website or some of the various seeds you’ve planted as an investor, the same principle is valid

6) “Black swan” events may very well rain on your parade. The term was coined by Nassim Taleb and to over-simplify things, black swan events are things that take you by surprise and render everything you thought you knew about something useless. Maybe you did absolutely nothing wrong and were affected by a Google update, just like someone who did nothing wrong either can end up financially debilitated after a financial crisis. Some things are outside of our control, the only thing we can do is prepare for the worst and do our best all the time

7) The learning process is never truly over. If you think becoming good at SEO, wealth management or anything else for that matter is a “set it and forget it” endeavor, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you don’t continuously hone your skills, your results will ultimately end up on a downward spiral. If you’re serious about doing well, you need the maturity and humility it takes to understand that you’ll never know anything, that you’ll never reach a status which will enable you to be above failure and therefore not subject to the continuous learning principle other mere mortals have to embrace.

Implement these SEO and marketing tips into your blog and see continue improvement and movement in the search results for years to come.

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