5 Secrets to Writing an Excellent Real Estate Blog

If you’re in real estate, you can’t underestimate the value of online marketing and blogging. Through your blog, you can build links, share valuable information about a specific region, highlight houses, discuss the market, and bring up a number of other subjects that buyers and sellers will love.

Once you’ve written your content, it can be shared on social media and sent to clients to build your following. It’s a free way to spread the word about your brand and generate new leads from potential clients – and the benefits are innumerable.

Research shows that when realtors blog, they receive increased website traffic, a better-established authority on the topic, and greater brand imprinting. Each of these benefits set realtors apart in this highly competitive market.

If you want to see these benefits on your own blog, there are some important things you’ll want to do first. Here are some of the essentials for blogging in real estate.

1. Focus on Location-Specific Features

As a realtor in one specific area, you must become an expert on the region and all of the amenities it offers. You might offer information on local events, news, reviews of local businesses, top features of the area, and more. You want your blog to connect with current residents and people who are looking to relocate to the area.

This realtor’s website in the Seattle, Washington area is a great example. His region of interest is Pierce County, which is a suburb of Seattle. He focuses on the beauty and opportunities for those who move to this area. This information makes the Pierce County area stand out from other Seattle areas.

2. Read Competitor Blogs

Know how your blog measures up against the blogs of your competitors. The easiest way to identify your competitors is to Google real estate agents in your area. The top ranking blogs and websites that come up in the search results are who you’re up against.

Study their content for successes and weaknesses. Most blog posts will show how many visitors the page has received or shares on social media. This information can reveal the kinds of topics you should be focusing on with your content.

3. Offer Tips and Tricks

How-to articles are big performers in online marketing. These articles are timeless posts and show clients the ins and outs of real-world situations in which they’ll likely find themselves. Because you’re an expert, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to offer insightful tips.

The delivery method of these tips doesn’t have to be article form only. You can also post webinars, podcasts, and other forms of multimedia on your blog. These delivery methods are highly coveted for clients who don’t understand the market like you do.

4. Provide Insights on the Current Market

The first stop for investors trying to understand the current real estate market is often a realtor’s website. They depend on insights for your specific area to help them determine if a home purchase can be a lucrative endeavor.

To appease these investors’ interests, regularly post insights regarding the state of the current market. Talk about the growth from year to year and projections for growth in the future. Take this opportunity to market some of the houses in your area to give investors a head start.

5. Answer Trending Questions

Know what people are asking online and write your posts based on those trends. The best way to get insights on current industry questions is to visit Google Trends. This free resource lets you track commonly searched terms within your industry. Using these keywords and answering the queries that accompany them is an excellent way to use your blog for ultimate customer service.


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