4 Tips for Building a Raving Blog Community

I know what it feels like to blog for The Walking Dead.

I know what it feels like to blog for a chorus of crickets.

I know what it feels like to publish a post to a collection of tumbleweeds.

I also know what it feels like to have a raving, loyal, happy community of readers salivating at the prospect of reading my newest blog post.

How’d I make the transition from “blogga non grata” to in demand blogger?

By following these 4 tips.

1: Open Comments

Open blog comments.

Establish a rapport between you and your audience.

You don’t need blog comments to build a raving blog community.

But it sure don’t hurt.

Think of it this way: if you attended a town hall meeting, and the mayor spoke, and after the mayor spoke he told everybody to shut up, that this wasn’t a 2 way dialog, would you be raring to attend the next town hall meeting?

Blogs offer a different type of format but creating a 2 way street through your cyber real estate only increases the love between you and your readers.

Lurkers creep slyly in the background.

Shy guys may cry if forced to comment.

But a select army of growing, vocal, social readers loves to add value to your posts through comments and digs having a platform through which to share their take.

Blogs with comments open are merely co-creator platforms.

Wouldn’t you regularly return and share the love if given the chance to speak your voice, along with the blog owner?

2: Respond to All Comments

Respond to every comment on your blog.

Until you catch 100 plus comments per post.

Because responding to comments shows you’re awake at the wheel. Responding leads to raving readers. Say that 5 times quickly.

I respond to every comment on Blogging From Paradise because everybody loves to be heard.

Opening up comments is kewl beans.

Responding to comments creates a hot tamale type love affair between you and your readers. Blogging-wise. Not romance-wise. I guess things could progress down that channel. All depends on your level of smoove-ness.

Anyway, respond.

Have fun creating friendships.

Eventually, you’ll need a baseball bat to keep these readers off of you.

3: Big Up Your Commenters

Some clever bloggers shout out their commenters with a “Top commenters widget” on their sidebar.

Others – like me – either comment on their commentator’s blogs or promote said bloggers through social media. I usually do both.

Big up/help your commenters.

Show ‘em love.

Build a loyal, loving community.

I see my blog commenters as loving, loyal folks who resonate with my work.

Why not comment on their latest blog post?

Why not share their latest blog post on social media?

Incredibly easy way to foster powerful bonds between you and your readership.

Big ‘em up to reel ‘em in.

Again and again.

4: Publish Wow-Worthy Content

I got caught up – like a fly in a big old spider web – in the prior tips. For many moons. But I neglected this tip.

I did attract a few loyal followers but had difficulties building a thriving, growing, pulsating, rabidly loyal blog community who’d run through brick walls or break the sound barrier just to read my content.

Do a really really, really really good job with your blog posts.

Give ‘em something to look forward to.

Create from a space of fun.

Create from a space of love.

Right now, I am not writing this guest post on a train cruising out of New York City because “I need to write a guest post for Blogging Tips Dot Com.”

I am writing this guest post to have fun, to spread the love and to further empower you awesome sauce readers.

Use power. Not force.

Write entertaining, fun, informative posts to reel in return readers with incredible ease.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you building a loyal blog community?


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