1 Telling Analogy Between Using Free Hosting and Your Parent’s House


I regularly see well-meaning but misguided bloggers mired in their limiting beliefs.

Some of these folks say they cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting. And how it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

Others have no clue how to set up their domain so they figure it’d be a big pain in the butt and stay with their free, shared hosting solution.

1 Telling Analogy

Imagine opening up your own offline retail store.

In your bedroom.

At your parent’s house.

Just for a minute, visualize this scenario.

Imagine selling products from your bedroom in your parent’s house.

You can’t afford to rent office space.

You can’t afford to rent a store front.

You want to go the free route.

You NEED to go the free route because you can’t be bothered with spending your hard earned money actually renting a store front to sell your products in a professional setting. Or, in a reasonable, convenient setting.

Now imagine how your customers will find you.

Do you think placing a big sign on your parent’s front lawn will work? Do you believe you will:

  • catch people’s attention spans?
  • goad them to walk up to your parent’s front door?
  • inspire customers to ring the doorbell?
  • inspire customers to get the OK from your parents, before said customers walk up to your room, knock on your door, to see what products you have to offer in your offline retail store?

Let’s say you’re selling delicious bagels from your bedroom. In your parent’s house.

Then, let’s say some other entrepreneur rents out some prime real estate in town, shelling out cash each month to have a professional-looking, brilliantly branded, sensational little storefront.

If YOU wanted a bagel would you visit the guy who actually pays money to build a professional-looking, branded, reputable storefront, a guy who actually owned a bagel store?

Or would you visit the guy who sells bagels out of their bedroom, in their parent’s home?

This is like the difference between someone who owns their domain (business name) and pays for their hosting (store front) versus someone who uses free, shared hosting.

Free Hosting

Trying to build a blogging business by using free hosting is like trying to sell bagels from your bedroom in your parent’s home, under the generic business name in the form of a sign (on your parent’s front lawn) saying “We Sell Bagels Here.”

Look at any Blogger blogger (hehehe) who hasn’t bought a domain. Selling bagels. In mama’s and daddy’s home. In their bedroom.

Then look at Blogging Tips. See how Zac does it.

Look at Blogging From Paradise. See how I do it.

We ain’t running crackerjack operations guys.

We run real businesses.

Real blogging businesses.

Businesses where we have spent thousands of dollars (or more, in Sir Zac’s case) to rent out a special chunk of cyberspace to host our purchased domain names.

Because I wouldn’t expect to sell many bagels from my bedroom in my parent’s home.

If I want to send out a clear, consistent, inspired message, I better be willing to pony up and pay up for a domain and hosting, to build a profitable, properly branded business.

Leave mommy and daddy’s home.

Leave your bedroom business behind.

Step into the big time.

Buy your domain and hosting.


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