1 Blogging Tip to Take to the Bank



2 words.

1 blogging tip.

First you BE a successful blogger then you DO the things successful bloggers do.

Example; when I had lunch with Zac Johnson about a year ago he mentioned writing 15 guest posts weekly. Just to prime the pump with his blog. He made sharing value and attracting links a prime objective.

He was not overly concerned with:

  • grabbing tons of traffic
  • making tons of money
  • adding a slew of subscribers to his email list
  • nabbing a sick amount of social shares

Guys like Zac wind up making a pretty penny because they are just focused on enjoying the ride, creating helpful content and building relationships with top bloggers.

The blogging big dawgs are being, then doing.

Their energy screams success (being) so their actions (doings) are successful, and they generally act from a pretty detached, calm, cool and collected space.

So they make money, build well-known brands and live a sweet life by being, then, doing.

Meal Ticket Crew Aka Slumming it in Survival Mode

The opposite of Zac and those blogging big dawgs: bloggers who DO, desperately.

Or, bloggers who DO, predominantly, to:

  • get blog traffic
  • get more money
  • get subscribers
  • get social shares

This crowd rarely finds themselves going to the bank. Because they are not BEING successful bloggers. They are mindlessly doing, desperately doing, so naturally, they are being failures and experience failure.

If you ask this crowd to write 15 guest posts a week they would likely:

  • believe it’s impossible to write 15 guest posts weekly
  • try to milk as much money or subscribers or traffic through each blog post, instead of playing the long game or having a long term vision for their blog
  • focus on boosting vanity metrics through their guest posting blitz versus building meaningful relationships through guest blogging


Be a successful blogger.

Then, do.

Zac’s Campaign

Google the term “blogging.”

The first organic listing is: Blogging Dot Org.

Umm….do ya think Zac’s long term, abundant-minded, long game approach to getting links in by generously sharing his knowledge worked out kinda well?

He has been at #1, on page 1 of Google for a hyper competitive keyword for a long time. Even with his pretty sweet domain name you need crazy valuable links in – and a nice volume of these links too – to dominate Google for such an incredibly in demand, prospering, competitive keyword.

Once again, being a successful blogger then doing as a successful blogger does reaps stupendous rewards in both the near and long term.

Tips for *Being* a Successful Blogger

  • meditate daily to become aware of how you are truly *being*
  • follow your fun blogging-wise
  • observe – honestly – your heavy attachment to blogging outcomes like stats and profits
  • study how successful bloggers act
  • do things from a place of love

Being a successful blogger involves doing some super uncomfortable, but freeing, things.

If you are terrified about where your next meal is coming from it may feel physically impossible to write 3 guest posts, let alone 15, over a week, because you are still in survival mode versus success mode.

Be present with your terrors. Face, embrace and release these energies. Even if it involves crying into – or punching – a pillow.

Clearing the energies of fear and failure helps you make room for the energies of fun, and improved finances.

Your Turn

Are you being a successful blogger?

What are you being, before you get to doing?

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